Overview of the Event Calendar

The School of Medicine's online event calendar is an intuitive and easy to use system available to display public or private calendars on YSM websites. Features include:

  • Embed on your website – there are multiple different views of the calendar that website editors can embed on YSM websites, including a week view, agenda view, list view and other right column widgets. 
  • Moderated calendars– all calendars are moderated, so anyone can post an event; however, every person posting an event must login via CAS or an alternative authentication for those people not at Yale. If the person posting an event does not have permissions to post directly to a particular calendar, their event goes into an approval queue where the calendar administrator can approve or decline the event.
  • Post to multiple calendars – since the calendars are moderated, you can request that your event is posted on any calendar(s) at the school.
  • Recurring events – you can set a schedule for recurring events. As in Outlook, you can edit the details for the entire series or specific instances of the series.
  • Map the event’s location – when you enter an event location, it is geocoded and mapped for users to see in the event details.
  • Link to speaker’s faculty profile – an auto complete option appears when you enter the event speaker or event contact person, linking their name in the event details to their medical school faculty profile or online contact information.
  • Add events and calendars to your personal calendar – you can subscribe to an entire calendar so that it appears in Outlook, Entourage, or Google Calendar. In addition, you can download specific events into Outlook, Entourage, or Google Calendar.
  • Weekly Digest Email – In September, the Office of Institutional Planning and Communications is launching a new Weekly Digest email to the YSM community with featured and notable events.

Event Calendar Instructions

To find out how to request a calendar, post and approve events, and do more with event calendars, please see the Event Calendar Instructions pages.