Getting Started with the Resource Scheduler

The School of Medicine's online Resource Scheduler allows YSM organizations to give scheduling access to their resources (lab equipment, rooms, etc.) based on constraints (i.e. users can only schedule one time slot per every 24 hours) and charge users for time via validated PTAEOs.

Instructions For Users

If you are a new user for a resource at YSM, you should contact the administrator of the resource to gain access. They will inform you if there is training or cost associated with the resource. Once you have been trained, the administrator can add you as a user to the system, and you will then be able to log into to reserve use of the resource.

If you are using a non-Yale email address, the administrator will have to register your email address with the system, and then you will be sent an email giving you a temporary password and requesting that you log in to change it. The administrator will be able to give you access once they have registered your email with the system.

If there is a cost associated with use of the resource, you will need to: