Advanced Templates

This section offers instructions for more advanced templates.

Text Fragment 2

Text Fragment Call Out Boxes

Text Fragment components can add designed call outs to your page and draw attention to specific information.

Patient Care Call Out 2

"Appointment Box" Callout

You can use the Appointment schema to insert a styled call out on your page. While this template was designed primarily for patient care information, all text fields in the box are editable...

Table 2

Creating Tables

Inserting tables into Content Components is another way to organize text in an easy-to-read format.

Summary image 2

Complex Link Lists

Complex link lists are useful when you want to display many  links, and you can easily divide the links into categories.

Quote 2

Quotes & Testimonials

Using the "Quote" component allows you to insert styled testimonials and/or quotes to a page.

Publication Reference List Screenshot

Print Publication Listing

To highlight your organization's printed publications such as a newsletter or magazine, use the "Publications List" template to create a gallery of PDF issues to insert on a page your site.

Security Landing Image


Use these instructions to apply security to a page on your Tridion site.

Faculty Profile Listing 2

Faculty Display Options

These are all of the layout options for displaying a list of faculty or staff generated from the profile system.